INVESTOR relations

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GPW’s investor relations policy aims to provide transparent, credible and consistent information about the Company, ensuring effective communication with capital market participants.

GPW aspires to comply with the highest standards of investor communications as it considers its presence on the capital market to be a part of a long-term growth strategy. Pursuant to the investor relations policy approved in January 2015, GPW develops long-term professional relations with all participants of the capital markets and ensures active communications and equal access to information for all investor groups. In 2016, GPW took a number of initiatives and applied a broad range of tools in its on-going communications with the shareholders, investors and analysts, including:

  • presentations of the financial results after the end of each quarter at meetings of the GPW Management Board with capital market analysts (broadcast live online);
  • participation in nine conferences dedicated to institutional investors in Poland and abroad;
  • more than 100 one-on-one and group meetings and other contacts with representatives of domestic and international institutional investors;
  • participation in the Polish Capital Markets Days: a series of conferences co-organised by GPW in London, Stockholm, New York and Paris;
  • participation in two conferences dedicated to individual investors in Poland.

According to the investor relations policy approved in January 2015, the Exchange voluntarily applies periods of limited communications with capital market participants preceding the publication of financial results. Consequently, the Company neither holds nor takes part in investor meetings two weeks before the publication of financial statements (periodic reports).

As an important part of the Company’s open communications, the Investor Relations section of the Company’s website regularly provides information relevant to shareholders and investors including the current financial results, investor presentations, dates of events, video recordings of quarterly conferences and the General Meeting, news. GPW also provides an IR alert service in order to communicate current corporate news to subscribers.