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High demand for series D and E bonds combined with the margin level confirms the robust position of the Company and strong trust of investors in GPW.

Series A and series B bonds have been traded on the GPW regulated market and in the BondSpot alternative trading system since 2012. The series A and B bonds were issued at the turn of 2011 to 2012 in a total amount of PLN 245 million, introduced to trading on Catalyst (regulated market and alternative trading system) and assimilated under a single ISIN code. GPW’s series A and B bonds are unsecured floating-rate bonds. Interest is fixed within six-month interest periods at WIBOR 6M plus a margin of 117 basis points. GPW redeemed one half, i.e., PLN 124.5 million of the bonds at PLN 101.20 per bond in October 2012. PLN 120.5 million of bonds remained in trading. In 2015, the GPW bond price ranged from PLN 100.40 on 21 December 2015 to PLN 101.60 on 28 September 2015. The maturity of the bonds was 2 January 2017.

In connection with the redemption of one half of the series A and B bonds on 6 October 2015, GPW issued PLN 125 million seven-year series C bonds maturing on 6 October 2022. The bonds are unsecured. The bonds are listed in the alternative trading system operated by GPW and BondSpot since December 2015. The series C bonds have fixed interest at 3.19% p.a., interest is paid semi-annually. At the date of issue, the interest rate was the lowest of all corporate long-term fixed-coupon PLN bonds listed on Catalyst. The proceeds from the issue of series C bonds were used for partial redemption of series A and B bonds.

In connection with the redemption of the second part of series A and B bonds, maturing on 2 January 2017, the GPW Management Board passed Resolution No. 1058/2016 in October 2016 concerning the issue of 1,200,000 five-year series D and E bearer bonds. Series D bonds were addressed to institutional investors and series E bonds to individual investors. The issue price of series D bonds was PLN 100 per bond. The issue price of series E bonds depended on the date of subscription as follows: PLN 99.88 for subscriptions submitted on 2 January 2017 and PLN 99.89 for subscriptions submitted on 3 January 2017. The total nominal value of the issue was PLN 120,000,000. Series D bonds were allocated on 29 December 2016 and series E bonds were allocated on 5 January 2017. The bonds have a fixed interest rate at WIBOR 6M plus a margin of 0.95 percent p.a. Interest is paid semi-annually. The bonds are listed on the Catalyst regulated market operated by GPW and on the Catalyst regulated market operated by BondSpot.

Interest on GPW series D and E bonds

Interest PeriodFirst Day of Interest PeriodNumber of days in Interest PeriodRecord DateLast Day of Interest Period and Payment Date
1  Issue DateNumber of days from Issue Date (inclusive) to 31.01.2017 (exclusive)  23.01.2017  31.01.2017